Różne wersje Detoksu

Dwa tygodnie temu pojawiło się na rynku nowe wydaniu Blu-ray filmu Detoks (D-Tox aka Eye See You). Zostało wydane w USA, ale dostępne jest przez większość największych sklepów internetowych (amazon.com). Najciekawszym jest fakt, że w sekcji dodatków pojawiła się wersja reżyserska tego filmu. Jak donoszą Ci, którzy już mieli przyjemność widzieć tę wersję, jakość jest w wersji… VHS. Jim Gillespie wyszperał to z domowych archiwów i jest to jedyna opcja obejrzenia tego filmu zgodnie z wizją reżysera. Lepszy rydz niż nic. Natomiast pojawił się już szczegółowy opis różnic, który przytaczam poniżej (UWAGA SPOJLERY!) . Niestety w wersji angielskiej. Ktoś z Was już się zaopatrzył?


The film opens with the scene of the drunk cop being dropped off, and murdered shortly thereafter.

We then cut to a different credit sequence where the killer talks explicitly about killing cops and focusing on Malloy (Stallone) in particular. This appears to have been a WIP as it repeats the same images, and credits twice.

From there, we do a flash forward “Three months later” to Stallone being driven to the detox center and checking in. He gives up his badge and we flashback to:

The bar scene with Stallone doing shots, and being hassled by his cop friends.

We then cut back to Stallone’s cop friend leaving, and him being introduced to everybody at the facility. To my recollection, this runs mostly as it did in the theatrical cut, up through to the first group therapy session where one of the cops recounts the school explosion and finding the kids’fingers with the “paint still on them.”

Then we flashback to Stallone arriving at the murder scene from the opening cop slaying, and remarking that the victim was within “whispering distance” at the bar. The phone rings and we cut back to the group scene with Robert Patrick mouthing off.

Stallone then leaves the detox center, and goes to the woodshed. He takes his wedding ring/necklace off and we cut to:

The scene with his wife where he gives her the monkey and cymbals also intercut with the scene of him picking out the wedding ring. It ends with him saying “monkeys are the new language of love.” And we cut back to.

Stallone, back at the shed, being asked by the female psychiatrist how the first session went.

During the nightmare scene, Stallone dreams of being at the crime scene, and getting the phone call from the killer. They have an extended conversation about the game of “hide and seek.” The scene continues through to him discovering his wife’s body before cutting to:

The female psychiatrist waking him up, telling him he had a nightmare.

During the second group therapy session, when Robert Patrick says “well at least I’m there for my women,” this starts Stallone flashing back to his discovering his wife. One of the other patients vomits, per the theatrical cut, but shortly after we see Stallone looking in the mirror and resumes the flashback of discovering his wife through to the sequence where they hunt the murderer at the warehouse. The director’s cut version of this scene ends with Stallone snapping and shooting the body on purpose.

When the female psychiatrist has the conversation about “We both know if someone wants to kill them self, there’s no stopping them.” We cut to Stallone at the fire, sitting in front of the chess board, flashing back to his suicide attempt.

When Stallone’s friend finds the body of the cop the killer swapped places with, it’s way later in the movie. After they’ve decided to make a stand, and split up in groups. There’s also a brief earlier “comedy” sequence with him almost setting his cabin on fire.

Stallone kills Slater by slamming him into the blades rather than lifting him up over his head.


The bar scene where Stallone’s buddies heckle him goes on longer in the theatrical cut.

The scene of Stallone’s boss confronting him at the bar, and Stallone firing into the ceiling is NOT in the director’s cut. There is a snippet of it later on though when he finds Slater’s matchbook, in which he reads an article about the detox center.

When Jack disappears there is NOT the scene of the two guys going out to look for him on snow mobiles.

The scene of the murdered cop’s body rising through the hole in the ice.

When Stallone is locked in the cell, and notices “Sullivan’s” on the pack of matches he does not then declare “It’s Slater.” He has a brief flashback to the earlier scene at the bar, and of having seen a new article about the Detox center, but that’s it.

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